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HD Deve Gowda


HD DeveGowda’s dream of Building Mega City Bangalore :
It started in 1970 when Binny mill factory was shut down and thousands of workers were deprived of job. It was HD Deve Gowda who was the opposition leader at that time lent a helping hand . In 1983 when HD Deve Gowda was Lokopayogi and Niravari Minister he had his own imagination for the development of Bangalore City . Ring roads, national Highway -4 from Bangalore to tumkur , 4 way roads and yeshwanthpur flyover are some of the examples of his developmental work towards Bangalore city.
As a Niravari Minister his involvement towards village development made few bad elements of opposition party to accuse HD Deve Gowda of not showing interest towards Bangalore City. But After he became the chief Minister of Karnataka he spoke whole heartedly and showed his zeal towards the development of Bangalore.

” HD DeveGowda’s determination towards saving the beauty of Garden City ”

HD DeveGowda’s Contribution as Chief Minister of Karnataka :
It is a general feeling that politicians as a class do not keep up their promises. But Janata Dal(S) is an exception to this. This is not egotism but a matter of pride. The achievements themselves are the evidences and the people are the witness for the same. People did believe the promises Janata Dal held forth in its manifesto published in 1994 when Shri.H.D.Devegowda was the State President and on that account only our party was able to assume power and form the Government. For us bringing out a manifesto was not a perfunctory exercise, but was a sacred commitment. Based on such a manifesto, Janata Dal literally proved how a Government could work wonders and fulfill the expectations of the people. We want to recall some of the significant achievements, which Shri Devegowda did when he was the Chief Minister of Karnataka during 1994-1996.

1. Janata Dal had promised that it is committed to the ‘words’ and ‘scheduled ‘with regard to the full utilization of Karnataka’s right over Krishna river water and it did keep up its promise. The then government spent Rs.1435 crores over this project and retained the State’s right on Krishna water. Janata Dal exhibited its strong ‘political will’ in fighting back the political plot of Tamilnadu and central Governments as regards Cauvery waters. The Government particularly Shri.H.D.Devegowda as Chief Minister played his part well in avoiding the permanent harm that would have been caused by the order of the Supreme Court, by allowing Cauvery water into the Tamilnadu in a plausible manner and thus made the people of Cauvery basin to have a sigh of relief. In this regard we need not have a sigh of relief. In this regard we need not have to remind once again, how the subsequent Congress Government handled the Cauvery water issue and caused a great injustice to Karnataka.

2. As a step in making our farmers debt free, Janata Dal kept up its promise by complete Waiving of interest on loans of farmers who had cleared the principal amount. Despite the discordance of the Congress which was in power at the centre, Devegowda as Chief Minister never hesitated in fulfilling his promise.

3. Realizing the increasing dependence of farmers on power for agriculture, Janata Dal Government kept up its promise of providing minimum 10 hours of uninterrupted power supply.

4. Janata Dal did carry out its promise of establishing cold storages in all the districts to preserve the horticultural products which would otherwise perish.

5. Janata Dal had promised of bringing pressure on the centre for framing a National Agro Policy. Knowing the indifferent attitude of the Congress towards the farmers. Janata Dal Government brought forth its own agricultural policy. Besides this, when Sri.H.D.Devegowda became the Prime-Minister, he proved our Janata Dal Party’s commitment through a pro-farmer and pro-rural budget.

6. Janata Dal had promised to reserve Government jobs to rural educated un-employees and it did keep up this promise. But the subsequent congress government, failed to defend the case in this regard in the Hon’ble court and thus the rural reservation got bogged down.

7. Janata Dal kept up its promise of reviving the ‘Green Card’ scheme which helps both the urban and rural people who are below the poverty line to get them ration at the cheaper price. The then Janata Dal Government issued Green Card to 65 lakh families. The poor got rice at Rs. 3.25 perk.g

8. Janata Dal literally carried out its promise of reserving 30 per cent of posts in Government service for women. On account of this you find women officials in the posts of school teachers, R.T.O.s and police officers etc., The credit of it is certainly Janata Dal’s.

9. Social Justice has always been a subject close to the heart of the Janata Dal, right from the days of its inception. The party has always supported reservations as a practical method for alleviating the suffering, toiling underprivileged and down trodden masses of the country and ameliorating their miserable plight down the centuries. We are committed to its continuation in the days to come.

In fact, it was the Janata Dal Government in Karnataka led by the then Chief Minister Shri.H.D.DeveGowda, which implemented the 50 percent reservation policy for the Dalits &OBCs in the state. For the first time ever, his Government provided four percent reservation to Muslims as well. The Karnataka Formula of reservations devised and implemented by JD (S) Government in Karnataka 12 years back is worthy of implementation throughout the country in the larger interests of the Dalits, OBCs and minorities.

Under the formula, in all the job appointments in all the categories, 30 percent reservation was earmarked for women. Nobody in the state has interfered or protested against the formula, which has been smoothly implemented over the last 12 years. This should be the model formula for the country, which would ensure social equality, and justice for the people without creating divisions among them.

1. Janata Dal under the Chief Minister ship of H.D.Devegowda kept up the word, Social justice even in political power-that is our object. His Government brought reservation system in to force in respect of President, Vice President Posts in local bodies for women, OBCs, SC/STs and minorities.

2. Janata Dal wanted the minorities to join the Social main stream instead of becoming ‘isolated islands’ in our social stratum. This was the goal of Janata Dal and it did reach that goal. The problem of ‘Idga Maidan’ in Hubli, was solved amicably by Janata Dal Government headed by Shri.H.D.Devegowda without any blood shed.

3. As promised Janata Dal regularized the revenue sites of Bangalore City within three months of its assuming power.

4. Janata Dal had announced a state-wide survey of the poor in order to take preliminary measures for the development of the state. Janata Dal Government headed by Shri.H.D.Devegowda conducted a scientific survey accordingly and took relief measures.

A Farmer from a small village becomes the Prime Minister of India :
A farmer being a prime Minister for 10 months is incredible. It is such a proud feeling for Karnataka that a farmer from a village is ruling INDIA and solving the issues.

What is H.D.Devegowda’s contribution to Karnataka after being Prime Minister of India?
With lot of criticism from people and members of the opposition team it was difficult for Mr.H.D.Devegowda to achieve his goals and dreams of making a better Karnataka and to solve the major issues surrounding . we are providing people about the hard work that he has put into well being with all good infrastructure for Karnataka. Mr.H.D.Devegowda’s success was not a cake walk for him. He had to tolerate all the pain , abuse, criticism from everyone all around. He had to undergo all the bruises caused by the people and his own members. This never stopped Mr.H.D.Devegowda reach the sky .

Protection for Poor people
For the protection of poor people and to provide them with basic facilities in 1996-97 59 crores and 1997-98 100 crores were released . Remember , this 159 crores of money was not given as a credit but as a helping fund. Including this 36,248 houses from HUDCO and for backward communities 10,059 houses were sanctioned through 70 crores of loan. So for the protection for the poor people 293 crores was provided by the cenral government led by Mr.H.D.Devegowda.This shows his involvement the work for even poor sections.

Neeravari Projects(water resources) :
H.D.Devegowda s development of neeravari project plays a vital role. The way H.D.Devegowda has Slogged for Krishna-Kaveri project and his immense involvement is not possible from any other politician.In 1962 , at the age of 29 Mr.H.D.Devegowda when entered vidhana sabha his first and foremost statements made was about NEERAVARI project. This shows his keen interest about the project. Later in 1983 , when he was given the position of neeravari minister his development had no words.

Dams,canals,bridges and many more to mention about his achievement . It always occurred in his mind that the Krishna-Kaveri usage is not upto his expectation. He just resigned his position of chief Minister and joined people to walk against the problems to be solved for neeravari project.

Krishna river is the soul of north Karnataka. The major challenge is to complete the project by 2000 and crores of money needed for the purpose. There was no positive response from the government for the project as money was the important ingredient for Krishna project.

But what people should know is after being PrimeMinister of India what was his role in this big challenge Despite many obstacles from the court and lot of questions that arised Mr.H.D.Devegowda did not heed to all this. His most important thing was to complete the challenging project.

GATTAPRABHA III and KARANJI are two neeravari project.when Shri Nijalingappa was the chief minister and later Lal Bahadur Shastri was the prime minister till 1994 the amount spent was 1100 crores only for the mentioned project. The problem that arised was many villages had to be demolished and providing home for them was a huge challenge.

Finally solution to the problem was solved by H.D.Devegowda and found success in the project. “krishna jalabhagya nigama” was founded by H.D.Devegowda. Because of his dedication towards the work finally 500 crores was provided for the project. And 830 crores was spent for 58 villages to be brought back to the people who lost during the development of the project. This made some of them to make foul statements about H.D.Devegowda thinking he was concentrating on village development but his main priority was in the completion for the project without hurting anyone and didn’t wanted many villagers to be homeless.
Untill now for 4,44,707 hectares of land neeravari has been provided still for 4,20,110 hectares of land neeravari is yet to be provided. 183 crores has been used for this purpose but the amount needed further is 2352 crores. The government can lend only upto 930 crores and the remaining amount is under question wheather it will be provided. During this time H.D.Devegowda was chosen as the Prime Minister of India.

In 1997 -98 when H.D.Devegowda was the prime minister 122 crores was provided for the development and further government agreed to give 252 crores for the project.
For this A.I.B.P(Accelerated Irrigation Benefit programme) 130 crores was given for the development. This was crucial for the project and one of the main thing for success . He proved this after being the Prime Minister of India.
The issue of kaveri is not new to us. The problem between Karnataka and Tamilnadu for kaveri is never ending and we are at the receiving end always and it is Karnataka people who the facing the brunt for this. H.D.Devegowda has been raising his voice for this issue since 1962. This problem can be solved with knowledge of the politics , smartness in handling ,intelligence ,experience and can be done none other than H.D.Devegowda.

Electricity(Role of Mr HD DeveGowda) :
In Karnataka we are facing shortage of electricity. The production of electricity should be in excess to solve the issue. Whatever is the criticism ,abuse H.D.Devegowda undergoes his completion of work was essential for him. He just wanted people to have all the facilities so he felt cogentrics and production of electricity is vital . He wanted to achieve his work and didn’t wanted dirty politics. Many people have bad impression about H.D.Devegowda but all his work shows otherwise and its for the people to see.

After being selected as Prime Minister of India 574 crores was used for the generation of 1996-97 306 crores ,1997-98 268 crores were made available for the concerned project. He proved to be successful even in this project.

Rural Infrastructure Development :
Only Villagers can understand the pain they go through and it was very commendable that Mr HD Deve Gowda being a farmer from a small Village became the Prime Minister of India. He said “if a Villager cant understand the problem of village people What is the use of me being a Prime minster?”
So he concentrated on the development of all the villages in India and to provide them with the basic facilities. From the Rural Infrastructure Development Fund Karnataka villagers got drinking water facility, Public Toilets, Roads and other basic amenities . It was provided by releasing 172 crores in 1996-1997 and 634 crores in 1997-1998.

Public distribution system :-
For the poor people under the public distribution system state government spends around 270 crores every year to distribute food materials .Such a huge amount of money was burden for state government because other developmental work was taken back seat by lack of required money. So Mr.H.D.Devegowda after becoming a prime minister made central government to contribute 170 crores towards the 270 crores spent by the state government.

A total of 1600 crores was released in 10 months by Mr.H.D.Devegowda being prime minister of India. This sum of money was never released by any prime minister to their respective states in such a short term . This shows how thrived he was in his work eradicating the problems and improving the state.

1000 Km of Broadguage(Railway) :
In just 10 months as prime minister 1000 Kms of broadgage was sanctioned for Karnataka.At that time Karnataka had only 500 km of railwayline.

Kottur-harapanna halli , Kadur-chikmangalur -Hassan,Bangalore-kanakapura-sathyamangala,Hassan- shravanabelagula- Bangalore , Munirabad-meheboobnagar , hubli-ankola-karwar these are the new broadgage railway routes.

Approximate amount spent is 1220 crores.Additional to these gage transformation work was started at a fast pace .

Badravathi steel factory is very old known factory . This was found by sir.M.Vishweshwariah and the most identified that highlighted Karnataka’s achievement and proud feeling for everyone. Because of people working here were prone to diseases the factory unfortunately had to be shut down.

The factory that made all people of Karnataka proud coming to an halt made H.D.Devegowda to take his next step further. H.D.Devegowda handled the factory to “Indian steel industries” and result of this 600 crores was given for the improvisation of badravathi steel factory.

New Sugar Factory and renovation of old sugar Factory :
As we all knew that the sugar factories in Karnataka had limited machineries for the production of sugar, they were not able to buy all the sugarcane which was harvested by the farmers.So this made the farmers to burn the sugarcane which they had over produced.

From June 1996 to june 1997 when Mr HD DeveGowda was prime minister he realized the situation of the farmers and he permitted to start new sugar factories in Tumkur,Bellary , Belgam,bijapur ,Hassan ,Darward,Shimoga,Bangalore,Mysore for about 20 new factories was sanctioned.

Its not all he also gave importance to the development of 9 private ,7 Government and 1 public sector sugar factories. This brought great relief for the farmers and gave them a real value for there efforts in harvesting their crop .Without being blamed by anyone he bloomed in his work and remained uncorrupted through out his tenure.

Seabird ,Opaque Hospital,National Games :
One of the vital projects by the name Sea bird got 4.65 crores in 1996-97 and 20.50 crores in 1997-98. To complete this project this amount was more than sufficient according to the experts and officials. This was Mr.H.D.Devegowda’s contribution towards that project.

National Games was held in mysore and Bangalore . Thousands of crores were spent to build stadiums,lodge facilities all this became permanent property of our state. This was Mr.H.D.Devegowda’s immense contribution.

To the construction of Opaque Hospital in Raichur 30 crores was released by the central government. This gave the people residing in part of Hyderabad-karnataka a basis medical facilities and the credit goes to Mr.H.D.Devegowda. With the help of HUDCO 32 cities got Rs 150 crores for the development of water supply and house constructions. This was one more mile stone achieved by Mr.H.D.Devegowda.

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