Thank you all for posting your questions. Your feedback is very important. We will have a people’s manifesto this time around and we request you to please keep posting questions and suggestions.

We are in the process of segregating the questions and will be posting answers shortly


Question: Sir, Can you please raise the infrastructure issues the people of Bangalore are facing ? Even though it has more close to 2 months since the Government was formed, we are not seeing any difference in the functions of the civic authorities?

— Posted by : Sunil PK , Bangalore

Dear Sunil, We will raise this issue strongly, We will put pressure on the government to expedite the infrastructure projects and push for early completion, I will meet the civic authorities also and push for these projects to be executed in a tranparent manner, We will also montior these as an opposition party should. Please keep writing about issues that you feel should be addressed on priority

Posted on : 07/07/2013

Question: Why do you have a tag that your party is limited to only a few regions of the state? What will you do to ensure that people across the state support you?

— Posted by : Girish Hiremath

Dear Girish,

Thank you for your encouraging words. We are certainly not a “Old Mysore region only” party. We have leaders, members from all regions, sections of the state and society.

The recent elections also proved that people across the breadth and length of the state have supported JDS

During my tours across the state ( I have toured 198 constituencies, around 4 times), people are expressing their wish for the Kind of Governance that we had provided during my earlier tenure as CM. The results have proved my analysis correct. I have been working at the ground level and I can assure that people from all regions want me back in power. Please don’t get misled by some surveys ( the recent ULB elections have proved this already), the ground reality is different and I can state with assurance that we have people supporting us from all regions.

Even in the last assembly elections we had lost about 20+ seats by a very narrow margin, quite a few of them from North Karnataka

We will work harder in the remaining 2 months and I am sure that we will get a majority this time around. I sincerely thank you for your feedback – We will become more visible on the media from now on

Thank you once again for your support
Posted on : 13/03/2013

You are one of the best rulers we found in the recent times. You have great concern for people. I think , you are the first CM to reach rural people, stay with them, listen to their problems and solving the problems.

Sir, We, the people of Karnataka need you and your rule. We want peace, safety, development and reliable govt which is ONLY POSSIBLE FROM YOU.

You will support woman sector know sir? What programmes you are planning for woman sector, what could we expect from the Mr. Clean Chief Minister of Karnataka? please let us know.

— Posted by : Suguna

Thank you for your support and your encouragement. This time around from the feedback I am getting on my tours, we are very confident of coming back to power.

You must be aware last time around on how I put lot of focus on women and tried to address their issues, A large precentage of visitors at Janata Darshan were women, and during my tours I always met the Stree Shakti groups and always ensured that their demands were met. Arrack and lottery were banned respecting the wishes of the women folk.

This time around we have detailed programmes for women, It is detailed and we will put them on our manifesto. I will just give you one point here we have plans to generate 1L employment for rural women.
Posted on : 13/03/2013

Hello, I would like to know how you are going to improve Bangalore’s infrastructure? The traffic has become a nightmare and it affecting all the people, Everyone is frustrated and there is so much wastage of fuel, time. Can you let me know how you are going to resolve this problem?

— Posted by : Swetha Menon, Bangalore

Dear Swetha, This is an issue that is affecting every citizen of Bangalore and this is affecting the quality of life. When we were in power I fasttracked many infrastructure projects for Bangalore (I request you to look at the contributions of our governnment on our contributions page). The time has now come to bring in major changes to Bangalore, otherwise we will not be able to grow or even sustain ourselves. Towards this, we have drawn up a detailed plan with an outlay of 1,75,000 crores for the transformation of Bangalore. This will be a 5 year plan and we will have milestones every 3 to 6 months. I have been working with experts on this including planning experts from overseas. Our infrastructure is 30 years old and this plan will transform every sphere ( Intelligent Traffic Systems, drinking water, storm water drains, preserving lakes, increasing the urban green cover, Housing, entertainment, etc – Inshort we will make Bangalore will be the most liveable city in India within the next 5 years). We will publish the detailed plan within the next 4 weeks. We need industries to grow, Only then we can improve the quality of life for all.

I have also started meeting the Industry leaders to get their ideas and feedback, I presented our vision and was encouraged by the response and also the participation that we received, I am very grateful for their advice, As I have been saying we want your voice to be heard and our manifesto will include only what the citizens want. I have 2 more meetings with the Industry leaders to finalize our plan for Bangalore, I have also been meeting with young professionals from all walks of life every Saturday and collecting their opinions also. I am also extremely happy with the response from the youth, they are very knowledgeable on all issues and they have been giving me very excellent feedback.

I would like to assure you that our plan is feasible and we will definitely transform Bangalore – We can look at our earlier tenure as to how efficient we were with executing projects
I request you to watch for our manifesto and the detailed plan for Bangalore.

Posted on : 11/03/2013

I would like to know about your manifesto for the forthcoming election around May, 2013 and the candidate contesting from CV Raman constituency, Bangalore. A number of problems have arised in Bangalore like garbage segregation, water, price hike, traffic management, limited frequency of buses- most of these buses also skip a number of stops herein. Communal harmony between religions need to be preserved too. As such would you be able to provide a good governance for the citizens of Bangalore?

— Posted by : Manu Nair (Freelance-Journalist)

Dear Manu, Thank you for writing to me, Yes you are absolutely right harmony is very important and as you are aware we have always stood for harmony and provided support for the weak. We are in the process of selecting the candidates, I am collecting feedback from the people and this time I am making sure that we will select the candidates that people want, We are touring all the constituencies and collecting feedback from the people, I will be personally selecting all the candidates. Last time around I provided a very good government that listened to the people, implemented projects efficiently, Infact all the major infrastructure work in Bangalore happened during my tenure (all major elevated highways, flyovers, metro,planning about 1000 volvos for Bangalore,etc – I request you to look at our contributions for the Bangalore city, You can then decide how much we had achieved in a very short period). We also tried lot of innovative technologies like magic box, etc. We have a solution for garbage also – i have answered this earlier and you can find a detailed explanation in one of the earlier posts.

We will post the manifesto soon, we have collected feedback from all of the 198 wards in Bangalore and we will make sure that we have a manifesto that addresses local needs also.

Once again thank you for writing and i also request you to keep posting your ideas also.

Posted on : 07/03/2013

We have been residents of Padmanabhanagar constiuency from last two decades and have seen the area transformed rapidly over the years.

I would like to request you to kindly to look into a underpass else flyover needed very urgently from padmanabhanagar 12B stop to Kims collage as there is a very heavy denisty of traffic thro the day and night and the only link road for adjoining areas like chikkakalasandra, uttarhalli commuters and areas beyond them.

The work on flyover from kadernahalli circle underpass to kamakya road has no such density of traffic now and even in coming years.

Kindly we hope will be able to help us out in this regard.

— Posted by : Satish

Dear Satish, Thank you for writing, We will definitely look into your suggestion, This area is growing very fast. If we come to power we will transform the way transport is run in Bangalore and we will also make sure infrastructure projects are implemented efficiently, We will have intelligent transport management systems. Please keep writing with your suggestions, We are consolidating all the requests that are coming in. Last time around i had approved a elevated core inner ring road and we need to be executing more such projects quickly to ease the situation

Posted on : 07/03/2013

whats your programme for govt employ’s

— Posted by : Jagadish Kalale

Dear Jagadish, We will improve the working conditions of the government employees, We need to improve the morale also. The Government employees are unsung heroes in the sense that they do lot of work but they do not get enough credit for some of the excellent work that they do. I will ensure that we have more connect between the citizens and officials – this way both of us can work together and contribute better. I will have a meeting with the representatives of the Unions and work with them to provide as many facilities as possible, We will also ensure that we improve the efficiency of the services.

Posted on : 03/03/2013

a) what about akrama-sakrama scheme-what is your view on it-If JDS comes to power, will you solve this problem.
b)People in karnataka are not getting thier respective quota-quantity of food grains in fair price shops-all fair price shop.
Please solve these

— Posted by : Chethan KV

Dear Chethan, on the Akrama-Sakrama situation, we need to act fast, We need to clear the uncertainty all round and resolve this issue soon, I am aware of all the issues here since the BBMP grew during my tenure. We will resolve this issue within 90 days of us coming to power, We will call for meeting of citizens, officials and town planners and make a collective decision,
We should ensure that our hardworking citizens do not get affected adversely at all, The Government’s job is ensure that we provide stable decisions.

On the issue of food grains distribution, we will plug all the leakages and build an efficient system, We will modernize the system as soon as possible, Now with aadhar and other id cards becoming popular, we can quickly correct the leakages.

Posted on : 03/03/2013

Please tell us what is your stand and plans on development of Hyderabad Karnataka region?

— Posted by : Srinivas

Dear Srinivas, Even though we had lot of leaders from the HK region as Ministers and Chief Ministers, I know that the region has not improved at all. It is a grave concern that citizens in the part are not getting their due, JDs has always worked for the downtrodden. I will ensure that we have proper link roads, connectivity to towns and cities, Hospitals and Colleges, Like our Suvarna Grama Yojane we will have special focus on HK region, We will also set up more industries, and also set up job oriented training centers to help create employment

Posted on : 03/03/2013

1.Dear kumar swamy , this is my straight question for you& this is my request to you next assembly election you participate in gokak city constitute, if you wil participate all gokak peoples 100 % supporting to you as well as party also growth in north karnataka.
2.Can you select Youngster as Candidates for Upcoming Assembly Election? , And how will you support them.

— Posted by : Manoj Patil, Gokak and Dhananjay Kumar, Belgaum

Dear Manoj and Dhananjay, Thank you for your support. I have been touring the state for the past few months and meeting people. I have toured 198 out of the 224 constituencies. I have visited these constituencies around 4 times. People have been asking for correct candidates to be put up. We will be honoring all of your’s feelings and expectations and I will be putting up peoples’ candidates this time. I need your support to put our state back on track, to restore people’s confidence in democracy and to protect our state’s interest.
Posted on : 27/02/2013
Dear Sir, My question is on Bangalore’s real estate . As you know, it has become allmost impossible for a middle class family person(or even to a software engineer for that matter) to own a house in Bangalore because of fancy land price. My question is, can the Govt have some control on it and normalize ??

— Posted by : Aravinda Seshadri, Bangalore

Dear Aravinda, You have raised a very valid question, This is one question that people ask me everywhere. This needs to be rationalized, We need to ensure that we build sustainable satellite cities so that we provide affordable housing along with other facilities like good schols, employment, health care, entertainment and other basic facilities. This needs to be done soon as we are growing so fast.We need to be inclusive in our growth and ensure that all citizens have a good standard of living. I can understand that even the middle class is finding things expensive.Now coming to your question about Bangalore, it is certainly possible to provide affordable housing to all sections starting from the High Income to the Low Income groups. We need to plug the revenue leakages in our system and we will be able to generate more revenue. I would like to let people know that during my tenure as the CM, i quickly implemented the A T Ramaswamy report and we recovered about 13500 acres of illegally acquired government land and out of this I alloted about 7000 acres of land for the BDA for development of houses for the poor and marginal communities.

The reason why I brought this up is to let everyone know that if we work efficiently we can provide affordable housing to all groups, the High, Middle and Low income groups even with our current resources.

Another reason why some projects are costly is the rampant corruption that you are seeing in the last 5 years, As you must be aware that there is a very recent case where tender for a layout formation has been inflated by a big number (the amount is in hundreds of crores). There have been so many issues in the past few years where public money has not been used efficiently.

Efficient and quick execution of projects will help things to a great extent.

I want to thank you for raising this question and we need people like you to be more aware of the situation and I need your support this time, We will ensure that every citizen is taken care of.
Posted on : 26/02/2013

In 2006 when Hon chief minister (Kumara swamy) had announced subsidies for B.E CET payment seat of 25,000 each year. But CET and colleges have collected full 4 year fee with out giving subsidies.. until now still there is pending of 25,000 refund as college got over in 2010 (2006-2010 batch) itself.
we BE students sincerely request you to release refund money of 25,000 as soon as possible

— Posted by : Chethan Kumar G

Dear Chethan, you are right, I am aware of this problem, This will be done the moment we come to power, I will ensure that all dues are cleared immediately. It is very important that merited students are encouraged and supported to complete higher education. Only then will our country develop faster. Once again, we will release the money as soon as we come to power.
Posted on : 18/02/2013
1.Dear kumaranna, if you will be elected as a CM , do you give permanent water source to kolar dist. as paramashivaih report.
2.what permanent steps will you take to resolve water problems in Tumkur, Chitradurga, Kolar and Ramangara districts?

— Posted by : Keshavareddy, Kolar & Tejasvi Y B

Dear Keshavareddy, tejasvi – water is my first priority, You must have heard me speaking about this in numerous forums, Even in the recent dharani at Chikaballapur I spoke about this. This has been and always be my first priority and whatever be the cost and the hurdles these water projects will be implemented , I will ensure that things will be set in motion within 30 days of us coming to power (for Kolar, Chikaballapur, Tumkur, upper bhadra and other regions).Now is the time for us think long term and start implementing these projects and plan for the future. I speak with conviction on this – we can surpass all hurdles and implement the water projects( not only for the districts mentioned here but across the state.) Posted on : 18/02/2013

kindly give importance to free health hospitalization ,specially for kidney and cancer patients.please release these issues in your manifesto soon.

— Posted by – Prashanth

Dear Prashanth, It is an very important question and i thank you for bringing this up. I understand how important it is for our citizens to get affordable and quality health care. I think i was CM who gave the most money and importance to free health hospitalization.
We will open dialysis and cancer care centers in every district. The treatment at these centers will be fully free fore BPL card holders. I will also put more focus on early detection of cancer which will help save more lives and will ensure that people from all walks of life have access to these centers. This has a very important place on our manifesto.
Posted on : 18/02/2013
will you make sure that condition of poor dalits will improve in your government and make sure that there childrens attend school as others.This question is being asked because in bangalore only we will find out many poor children are not going to school and begging in road side,what about in entire karnataka..so what action you will take

— Posted by :ADARSH.N.R

Dear Adarsh, Education is very important, I want every child to be educated and we will support every poor child irrespective of regions, Our target is to ensure that we achieve 100% literacy and also that we make everyone employable. Education will improve our lives.Last time around when i was in power

  • 1000 High schools were sanctioned within 1 year.
  • Before this we had only 980 high schools ( from the time we got independence)
  • 536 Pre-University colleges were sanctioned.
  • 289 First Grade Colleges were sanctioned.

I will continue the same focus on education and will take further steps to ensure that children go to school and ensure that there are no dropouts by providing more incentives
Our party has always worked for the downtrodden and we will ensure that poor including Dalits will be supported more.
Posted on : 18/02/2013

What are all the criteria to select a candidate for Assembly Elections to be held in 2013?

— Posted by – Praveenchandra Jain

Dear Praveenchandra- We are selecting able candidates who will be at your service always. Integrity will the most important characteristic that we are looking at. Candidates will be coached and will also be required to take an oath of integrity in front of people. I will personally select all candidates for all the 223 assembly constituencies. Request you to support us this time around, I might not be able to tour all the 224 constituencies but you will have my assurance that i will personally select the candidates Posted on : 18/02/2013
Karnataka needs an institution like IIT,with not only engineering courses but also agriculture, medicine, pure sciences and other branches so that with interdependence of courses miracle can be done. So will you establish such an institution in karnataka without waiting for central govt to fund?

— Posted by : Yashas chida

Dear Yashas, you are absolutely correct, We need to focus more on pure science, agriculture, It is on our manifesto. we will start these institutions without waiting for any funds from the Union Government
Posted on : 13/02/2013

None of the parties could control corruption. Do you have any plan to get rid of that ? How do we believe you ? Please provide us hopes to vote for JDS

— Posted by : Raghavendra Nilekani

Dear Raghavendra,
I have always fought against corruption, It is not difficult to reduce or even eradicate corruption.
Corruption can be controlled if the head of the government is strong, Last time around we made sure that decisions were taken quickly, were transparent and were always pro-poor, We will improve the morale of our government servants, provide more facilities to them, educate them on how to be more efficient. Strong controls will be put in to ensure that corruption is not tolerated and there won’t be any exceptions. Details of all work undertaken will be published and be available for all to check.

Please judge me and our party by looking at the efficient administration that we provided last time around, the massive projects like metro, so many flyovers were sanctioned and implemented very efficiently. This was because i personally pushed all these projects, The planners had direct access to me and we implemented in spirit the single window mechanism.

Posted on : 13/02/2013

please do the support of youngster in jds

— Posted by : Sheshadri Ramu, Bangalore

Dear Ramu, we need support of youngsters and we are giving prominance to youngsters, We have many youngsters who have joined us. This website is one such initiative from them, I have inducted lot of youngsters to the party board and we will keep engaging with youngsters frequently, We now have regular feedback sessions with youngsters and their ideas and aspirations will be part of our party manifesto.

I request you to participate more actively

Posted on : 13/02/2013

Will you appoint a new lokayukta if JD(S) comes to power.

— Posted by : Krishna. S, Contractor, Kethamaranahalli, Blore-10

Yes, This will be the first decision that I would take if JD(s) is voted to power.
As all of us are aware, the last time around it was our government which appointed Shri Santhosh Hegde
as the Lokayukta and we all know how effective Shri Santhosh Hegde was in curbing corruption and
increasing people’s trust in Lokayukta. An effective Lokayukta is needed in Karnataka today now and an
effective Lokayukta is required to ensure that the administration is disciplined and corruption free.We will ensure that an eminent Lokayukta is appointed on top priority. This process will be initiated within 1 hour of our getting elected. Posted on : 10/02/2013
Does JD(S) have a strategy to resolve the garbage accumulation problem.

— Posted by: Prashanth T.K, Retail Shop Keeper, Rajajinagar, Blore-10

Segregation of waste at Source – Locations identified in each of the 194 wards in Bangalore where waste will be segregated. The organic waste can be composted to make manure. This will also reduce the amount of waste that would go to the Landfills, save transportation costs. We will work with the citizens to make this initiative successful. The whole process will be streamlined.This is a problem that can be solved easily, I am extremely frustrated at the way this government has failed on this front. Posted on : 10/02/2013
What are JD(S)’s plans to improve Banglore city’s infrastructure.

— Posted by : Shashi Kumar, Software Engineer, Malleshwaram, Blore-03

Bangalore‘s Infrastructure will be given top priority and we will put more focus on this. We have short term and long term plans to ensure that we build word class infrastructure. Intelligent Traffic management systems, expanding the metro, adding more signal free ring roads. We will ensure that implementation of all planned projects will be transparent and ensure the projects get completed on time.We will go in for innovative technologies (last time around magic box saved us a lot of time and money,projects which used to take a minimum of 2 years were implemented with 3 months at a fraction of the cost)We have a comprehensive plan to develop Bangalore – we will upload the detailed plan to our manifesto. (The plan is very detailed and hence it will be put on our Manifesto, – a few examples, there are technologies that allow us re lay utility pipes without digging the roads, building elevated roads on storm water drains,etc) Posted on :10/02/2013

How does JD(S) plan to control and resolve problems related to corruption in the state.

— Posted by : Subbaiah Gupta, Software Engineer,Mysore

We have always provided a transparent administration and have not tolerated corruption. All projects and programs will be published and will be transparent to all. The fight against corruption needs to
continue and should be relentless. I have also tried to do my duty as a citizen by exposing so many corruption scandals of the present government. I have never been cowed down by threats and our party and we will always do our best to protect.
For the citizens we will ensure that their interactions with the administration will not be touched by corruption I would like to highlight one point here. On the mining front, I was the first man to recommend nationalization of mines. We recommended this to the union government and also had a couple of meetings set up on this, but unfortunately when we moved out of power, this did not move forward. Posted on : 10/02/2013
You said, when JDS coming into the power in next election, you are going to waive all types loans (including nationalized bank loans) of Farmers within 90 days from the date of sworn in.Will you realy do it. Can we trust you in this regard. ?

— Posted by : — Manjunatha NK

Yes, we will certainly do this. This decision has been taken after checking that it is feasible. It is very important that we lessen the burden on our farmers and this is a promise that we will keep. Posted on :10/02/2013

We are fed up with bad governance, Can you give clean and transparent government like Modi. …. Since 2000 all the CM’s are made their life for their 4 generations.I am sure that this time there is good wave for you, I want you to be one of the best CM.

Please answer my question….

— Posted by : Brigadier Subbiah

Dear Brigadier, Thank you for your encouraging words, I will assure that our governance will be transparent and very effective. We will not let our people down, we will ensure that citizens will have a say in governance and we will listen to you always, As I have promised earlier, the first thing I would do is appointing an efficient Lokayukta. I will make sure that myself and our party work 24 hrs a day to provide an efficient, transparent government. We will simplify governance and one of our strengths is our ability to take decisions and stand by them,On corruption I will assure that my fight against it will continue whether we are in power or not. Even though we did not have the necessary strength in the assembly, we did not hesitate to expose whatever scandals we could unearth. We need your support in this fight and I will give you my personal assurance that I or my party will NOT tolerate corruption and more importantly we will correct the system. Posted on :10/02/2013
How do JD(s) as a Regional party will uphold Karnataka’s interest at National level. As you know other south Indian regional Parties are holding a strong say at centre. What will you do so that we (Karnataka) have a strong say at the centre level

— Posted by : — Birur Gopalkrishna

This is a very important question and it is very critical that we realize how much we are missing out on our rightful share. Karnataka has always been unfairly treated by all governments at the center. We have never asked for more allocations or anything, but even on the critical issues of survival like water, boundary issues, we have been unfairly treated. Railways and road networks you are aware that how unfairly we have been treated. It is very important that all citizens understand this injustice – we are short of water and in the coming days and certainly in coming decades, our lands become barren and we might even struggle for drinking water. –If you look at the trend across our country, the people have realized that only regional parties can protect our interests and ensure that we get our due from the center.The Congress and BJP parties have failed miserably – they have not been able to protect even water. They have never made any attempts even to speak strongly on this subject and lobby for our just rights. They have sacrificed us with their coalition compulsion .If you look at other states, the regional parties have been able to have their say and get more – we have been denied our rights.

Even with 3 MPs we have always tried our best, we have met the Prime Minister, concerned ministers even worked with other parties .We are not given sufficient time in the Parliament due to the fact that we have only 3 MPs

We need to act fast and we need your support here – We need you to give us 20 MPs. With 20 MPs we will have more voice to speak in the Parliament and we will not be ignored. We will make that we will not only protect our rights but also correct the previous wrongs.
Posted on : 10/02/2013

You please conduct daily meetings and ask minority wings to work hard from now to till election .unrest campaign will be not get good output. ? In coming assembly election how many muslim candidate will contest from JDS?

— Posted by : Munavvar b abubakkar and muzammil

Thank you for suggestions and support. We are working very hard to address the concerns of our minority brethren. As you all are aware we have never been pseudo secular. For us everyone is very important and we all know how much minorities have been neglected and we have always been the first to come to the support of minority communities whenever required. When I was the CM I immediately increased the budget allocation to minorities by 3 times. – (we will soon release a comprehensive list of facilities that we had provided last time around to help you decide on who has done the most for minorities ) We have always ensured that adequate representation is given to the minorities be it in the government or in our party forums. This time also there will be adequate candidates from the minority communities. At this moment we are looking at 20 to 22 candidates.We also request that more people like you come and join us and work with us. – It is your party, come and support us. I have been touring the state, interacting with people and am very confident that we will come to power with a big majority. Posted on : 10/02/2013

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