H.D. Kumaraswamy

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Haradanahalli Devegowda Kumaraswamy is a young and impeccable polititician of Karnataka.He is one of the sons of former Prime Minister Sri. H.D. Devegowda .He is popularly known as Kumaranna among his friends and followers he is one of the great politician who have huge Followers because of his dynamic approach.

Kumaraswamy is the 18th Chief minister of Karnataka .When initially Kumaraswamy took over as the Chief Minister everyone thought he is a chip of old block doing nothing but paying lip sympathy to the rural poor and attacking anything urban. But he proved everyone wrong, his priorities were clear from day 1 development of the state was top of his agenda no rural-urban divide. he put Bangalore back on the rails. he made it clear that the industries are given better facility so that Bangalore should be investor friendly. He also cleared all infrastructure projects

He started touring the nooks and corners of the state interacted with the people took note of their problem and instructed officials to help them with a warning that he would visit again and seek action taken report .In Bangalore he started weekly Janatha Darshana which was biggest popular programe

Kumaraswamy has effectively established his credentials through people friendly programes benefiting both rural and urban masses, he also unwearyingly supported the industries and was also committed towards improving infrastructure and facilities in Karnataka he gave top priority to up gradation of the infrastructure in Bangalore as well as those areas in the outskirts of Bangalore by taking up several projects he also extended his cooperation to IT & BT industries which were responsible for Bangalore to carve a name on the world map. Kumaraswamy was popular among people because of pro-people programes like village stay and onetime loan waiver to farmers ,arrack and lottery ban bicycle for girl students , Janatha darshana.


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  1. Packages of Rs.2689.64 Crore for six districts which reported high incidence of farmer suicides. The district are Belguam,Hassan,Chickmagalore ,Chitradirga,shimaga and Kodagu
  1. Moved by the grievances from the women whom he met during his Janatha darshana and village stay where they complained about their husbands who are drunkards and there families were in trouble from Arrack and lottery Kumaraswamy took a decision of Banning Arrack and Lottery.
  1. Suvarna Karnataka Udyanagala Pratistana where in all garden and parks belonging to the government will be taken care of.
  1. Swavalambana Scheme lending money to women engaged in fishing at the rate of 4%.
  1. Karnataka is the only state next to Sikkim where decentralization of power has been implemented in letter as the spirit as envisaged in 73rd amendment to the constitution.
  1. ‘Suvarna Kayaka Udyoga Shikshana Yojane’ has been launched. The scheme aims to identify the needs of the organized sectors for skilled man power in various trades and to train qualified eligible youths to undergo hands-on training. The expenditure on training is to be shared equally by industry and the Government. This Public Private Partnership will provide employment opportunities to the rural and urban youth of the State.
  1. Declining sex ratio is a matter of great concern . To arrest the trend, the Kumaraswamy Government has launched a novel scheme called “Bhagyalakshmi” to protect the girl child and change society’s attitude towards her. Under the scheme, an amount Rs. 10,000 is deposited in the name of each female child born after 31st March 2006
  1. Waving loan up to 25000 for all the farmers of Karnataka .
  1. Jawaharlal Nehru national Urban renewal mission scheme for improving quality of life of slum dwellers.
  1. Reduced the interest burden of all institutional loans to farmers to 4% as has in respect of the cooperative sector.
  1. Announced the package 0f 7000 crore rupees for the welfare of the farmers.
  1. 70% of the application received in janathadarshana were solved and 25 crore Rupees were given directly to the people whom he met in janathadarshana.
  1. Suvarna Gramodaya Program integrating the Implementation of various development programmes and providing infrastructure facilities comprehensively to transform 1000 villages every year into model villages
  1. Work on alamatti dam was speeded up and it was also presented to nation during his tenure.
  1. Water projects like siganalur project, yaragol project in kolar,chimalagi project in Bijapur and also concentrated on Badra projectwhich can provide water for Tumkur and Kolar.
  1. Bruhat Bangalore project in which the rural parts of Bangalore were inculeded into Bangalore by which the basic infrastructure of those places were improved.
  1. Constituted a committee to deal with land Mafia which had aquried the government lands illegally and recovered around 40 thousand acres of land from land mafia
  1. Ramanagara and chikkaballapura were made as district keeping in mind that Bangalore growing fast and to create an alternate place for industrial growth.
  1. Special high court circuit bench was granted to North Karnataka where people had to travel to Bangalore for there court cases
  1. 716 primary schools 1000 high schools 500 pu colleges and 184 degree colleges 7 engineering colleges 6 government medical college were presented for educational growth
  1. To motivate the Students of rural Karnataka towards education and control the dropout from the school especially among girl students the Kumaraswamy government started a scheme where bicycles were distributed for the students who study in high school ,which was a very popular programes.
  1. Udyogini,Asare ,Amrutha programes were introduced for the welfare of women.
  1. Giving loan at the rate of 4% interest to Stree Shakti groups to improve credit to self employed individuals.
  1. 350 hostels for the welfare of the SC/ST students were provided,350 new Morarji hostel were sanctioned.
  1. 5 acre land worth Rs 90 crore was given to Haj committee to facilitate the Haj Pilgrims.
  1. 120 crore rupees were reserved for the welfare of minority communities.
  1. Waqf board was given additional 9 crore rupees along with the 13 crore Which was given every year.
  1. 190 Km of Bangalore road widening project was taken up.




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H D Kumaraswamy took oath as 18th Chief Minister of Karnataka on February 3, 2006 at the age of 46 Mr.Kumaraswamy was fourth youngest chief minister of Karnataka. As soon as Kumaraswamy took oath as the CM of Karnataka he announced his priorities towards the development of the state.

They are

  1. Clean and transparent administration
  2. To implement 11 point development vision of Abdul kalam
  3. Improve infrastructure facility in and around the city
  4. More power to Lok ayukta.
  5. Encouragement to IT & BT.
  6. Terrorism and Naxalism to be curbed.
  7. Power generation to be increased.
  8. Stem action against land grabbers .
  9. Krishna Cauvery basin irrigation project to be expedited.
  10. Cordial relation with center and neighboring state.

Not only he announced his top priorities but also worked sincerely towards the completion of the same. Fully aware that the dead lines issued by his predecessors remained only on papers Kumaraswamy made it sure that the infrastructure works are completed on time In spite of being CM of Karnataka he did not want to put fellow motorist in inconvenience while traveling he ordered the officers not to put traffic curbs unnecessarily. He wanted to travel like a common man for city inspection, to review the progress of the projects. He choose to go on inspection once a month at night from 10 am till midnight so as not to cause inconvenience to the people. Which shows his concern about the common man who traveled in Bangalore traffic.

Ever since Kumaraswamy took oath as Chief minister of Karnataka he received on an average of 800 Emails a week that was actually the extension of his Janata darshana among them 75 percent mails are grievances and petitions .Printouts of all Emails were sent to Kumaraswamy’s house by about 7 in the evening apparently he himself sifts through the mail, read them all and next morning responded personally to chosen few.

Kumaraswamy made it mandatory for officials to compulsory visit at least two villages every week to educate people on government schemes and programs.

Vidhana soudha the seat of power was an impregnable fortress for the comman man .as they were not allowed inside to meet any elected representatives because of the security reasons.Kumaraswamy ordered the state police chief to relax the restriction on the movement of people around vidhanasoudha ,he said that people come there to get their problem redressed they should not be stoped at the gates of vidhanasoudha in the name of security. security to VIPs is duty of police.but that cannot be done at the cost of common mans freedom.

Kumaraswamy was very much impressed by president Abdul Kalam Visions to make Karnataka a model state and he put his true efforts to implement them.

Kumaraswamy is the only Chief Minister who stayed in the house which belonged to a backward Class during his Village stay ,he just wanted to bring a difference in the treatment by the society towards the backward class where even today in most parts of Karnataka the backward classes are treated as untouchables, Kumaraswamy’s visit made the top officers to stay with him in the same house and the upper caste of the village who treated the backward as untouchables also visited the same house to give there complaints and grievance to the chief minister.

Mr.Kumaraswamy also stayed in the house of an HIV infected family, His intention was to remove the Misconceptions of the people about AIDS he just wanted to show his concerns about the people who were HIV infected and he wanted to spread the message to the people that AIDS doesn’t spreads by staying with Infected people or by eating the food prepared by them. Famous Hollywood actor Richard Gere visited Kumaraswamy personally along with his wife and greatly appreciated his concerns towards HIV infected peoples.

Kumaraswamy’s hard work and dedication took him to the great heights in the heart of people, the people of Karnataka elected him the for super achiever of Karnataka during 2006 in a poll conducted by Deccan herald H.D.Kumaraswamy was on the top ranking He was followed by The then Indian team Captain Rahul Dravid , National award winner Girish Kasarvalli ,retired lokayukta justice N.Venkatachala and right livelihood winner Ruth Manorama .Thousands of people elected him by sending Email, Post card and letter sent via fax.

The Chief Minister would prefer to spend more time among people than sitting in a plush officing files A hands on man Karnataka’s 18th CM H.D.Kumaraswamy is just that accessible 24×7 and a mobile person.

His Janata darshana and Village stay gave him an edge over his predecessors of being a visible CM. He created history by being a first CM to stay in a house of an HIV +ve family .Administrating a coalition government ,where each partner had its own priorities and ideologies to look after is not an easy task but during his tenure as CM came up with number of programs which gave boost to greater Bangalore happen installing confidence among Kannadigas along the border with Maharastra by holding the Belgaum legislative sessions or coming there to rescue of farmers facing mounting debts with the promise of waving loans taken from the Co-operative sector hopes have soared for the people. Loan and 4% interest is by no means a popular measure it came as a result of deep understanding that availability cheap credit is a principal need of agriculture today, The Reserve bank of India appreciated the fiscal reform measures taken while the credit rating information service of India limited (CRISIL) had placed Karnataka in AA-grade based on the economic progress achieved The budget presented under his leadership has concept of gender based budgeting which helped to prioritize public expenditure to respect the concern of the Women.The new industrilal policy 2006-2011 emphasized the proper infrastructure will result in Industrialization

The floods in mid 2006 created havoc in 817 villages affecting 12 lakh people considering the gravity of the issue his government put into place a plan to take up permanent relief measure perennially flood-prone district and for the first time 90 villages in Belguam,Bijapur, Bagalkot, Raichur, Koppal and Gulbarga were shifted. North Karnataka was the one of his top priorities. Unfortunately because of his short tenure he could not complete all his dreams about Karnataka,though his tenure was too short he did what his predecessors couldn’t in last 60 years. Kumaraswamy was a common man’s CM.

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Soon after Mr.H.D.Kumaraswamy became Chief Minister of Karnataka ,once in every week he interacted with the common man directly. Janata darshana is said to be an eye-opener.It not only exposed to plethora of grievance but also to bureaucracy’s apathy and limitation moved by the plight of womens who met him in his Janata darshana who have either been separated from or deserted by their husbands Kumaraswamy decided to put in place a mechanism that would provide them Financial support and he announced Rs 400 financial assistance every month to them this made them self reliant ant not allow them to go into depression because of want of money

Janata darshana drew thousands of people majority of them were being disabled,Unemployed and seeking medical help There are examples of Kumaraswamy attending to the people for more than 18 hours without taking even a launch break and sustaining himself on a glass of fruit juice without caring of his health He used to stand on the lawns of his office “Krishna” hearing to the grievances of people receiving applications and also giving instructions to the officers.

The popular programe Janata Darshana was Extended to villages also as the number of people visiting him became more and he understood that it will be difficult for a common man to come to Bangalore to meet him by spending money and also wasting time so he decided to go to the people on extension of his Janata darshana he Visited number of remote villages and stayed in the common mans house and he listened to the problems of villagers and solved many of the problems on the spot .People from the neighboring villages where he stayed also visited him in Thousands in number ,Kumaraswamy used to carry his Janata darshana till 3am In the morning and he only used to sleep for only 3hrs and back to people at around 8am in the morning, Kumaraswamy received around 20 lakh applications in Janata darshana among which 70% of them used to be solved on the spot Kumaraswamy created a record by distributing 25 crore rupee directly to the common man in his 20 months tenure after learning that their problems are Authentic.

Janata darshana not only brought his a great popularity but also bought him closer to the Common man and made him the CM who was easily accessible to the people ,
Here are some information about the incidents which occurred during his Janthadarshana
“Hello is this the commissioner Primary and secondary education department?…..CM speaking here ….. please have some sense when you transfer a handicapped Person” This is how H.D. Kumaraswamy reacted when a physically challenged Higher primary school lady teacher complained to him about her recent transfer To a far place . ManjulaDevi told Kumaraswamy that despite her repeated request she was transferred from Jamakandi to Tubachi ,as a result she has to travel For over 12 Km every day, after giving a patience hearing to her Kumaraswamy called up department commissioner Madan Gopal and directed him to withdraw the Transfer order beside warning him against repeating such mistakes.

In another case he sanctioned Rs 25000 on the spot to Bharathi Kalamarahalli On the spot from the chief minister relief fund she complained that her father had recently met with an accident and she is finding it extremely difficult to run the Family.

Someshekar a 20 year old flower vendor who was shoot in the knee during the Rajkumar riots needed a plastic surgery done on his right knee as it was chipped off Considering his case Kumaraswamy sanctioned him 50,000 rupees from CM relief fund and he also asked Someshekar to be admitted to the SanjayGandhi hospital where he will be given free treatment.

Manjula a mother of two children was fighting for her rights she had alleged that Sub-inspector Timmegowda Mandya district is a father of her child ,Manjula was befriended by Timmegowda two years ago in Hassan when she met him with regards to a compliant after promising to marry her ,Timmmegowda sought a transfer when he realised that Manjula was a pregnant “He was infact brought a stay order not permitting her to get DNA test done to prove that he is the father of the child and also he married one of his relative. Kumaraswamy ordered the Super indent of police Mandya district to ask Timmegowda to be present at the CM’s office on the next day evening ,or else he would be dismissed ,the SP was told.

Timmappa a physically challenged person from MC Layout was driving an autorikshaw for 8 years the display card drive by the RTO left him jobless for timmappa had no driving licence .Amused that timmmapa could drive his auto rickshaw at Bangalore roads for 8 years with out a driving licence Kumaraswamy enquired the officers who were present Wheather a licence could be issued to him atleast now? . on being told that physically challenged are not issued driving licence Kumaraswamy helped Timmappa by Getting him a self employment.

Parimala from Bangalore was in tears. she had invested rupess 2.5 lakhs in a pvt firm that eventually went bankrupt, her husband needs an heart surgery and she had no money at hand Kumaraswamy directed officials to sanction money from CM relief fund for treatment of parimala’s husband.

Mr.Kumaraswamy was moved when he received a petition from ramesh seeking help from government to help him to pay the school fees for his two children. He was employed in a security agency and was earning 2500 rupees. Ramesh said he paid 900 as house rent 400 for his bus pass and with remaining amount he took care of his family Kumaraaswamy took some money from his pocket and gave it to ramesh.

Kumaraswamy personally called the director of sanjay Gandhi hospital and directed him to provide free treatment to arif who has suffered a spinal injury after he fell from the First floor of his house.

A 24 year old construction labour got a pat off his back by Kumaraswamy. Nagraj who hails from Tumkur has been working as a construction labour since he was 14. To provide better education for his five siblings Nagraj is the only bread winner of his family comprising four sister and a brother they lost both their parents 10 years ago and since then Nagraj has been working to feed the family. Nagraj requested CM for the better job as he was finding too difficult to bear the education Kumaraswamy called up Tumkur deputy commissioner over phone and directed him to help Nagraj finding a job and also he was been assured for a house by Kumaraswamy.

Nagesh a daily wage worker from Moledoddi in Channapatna taluk came with his three handicapped children the CM ordered to social welfare department officers to sanction an auto rickshaw loan to Nagesh and release a monthly allowance to all the three handicapped children.

Beemanna a poor farmer from Bangalore rural was not physically challenged all his life. His physical challenge had began three months ago when he was bed-ridden due to a fractured leg and subsequent infection. Beemanna who stretched his injured leg with an external fixture was a sight of distress at Janata darshana he was reimbursed the cost of rupees 25,000 for his implants from CM relief fund towards diet medicine cost that would run into lakhs of rupees was waived off by the sanjay Gandhi hospital accident care and research center.Beemanna was treated at the Victoria hospital where he under went an Orthopedic procedure called interlocking nailing of the fractured bone, to his bad luck he had developed infection and the implants had to be removed he was put on an external Fixture and was back in bed “Beemanna met CM when his saving were exhausted and a major surgery with the intersection of titanium implants was difficult with out external help Beemanna said he would have continued to live as disabled man if not for the immediate sanction of money by the Chief Minister. After two weeks Beemanna was discharged from the hospital and he is back on his foot now.

In another incidence vidyamani a young mother of two deserted by her husband fainted even as CM handed over a check of rupees 25000 to her and promised her a house at her hometown.

Manjula complained about police inaction in a dowry case she claimed her estranged husband had married another women and recently attempted to abduct her from her parents house ,Kumaraswamy ordered the DCP (crime) to take immediate action.

When Five year old Inchara who had a tumour approached Kumaraswamy he ensured that medical aid of Rupess 1 lakh was given to her.

Chandan an 8 year old boy with a hole in his heart approached Kumaraswamy moved by his condition called up his cardiologist brother-in-law, Director of jayadev institute of cardiology Mr Manjunath and arranged for a surgery to be done at rupees 30,000.

A young mother from kadur who lost her husband had approached the CM in one of his Janata darshan in chickmagalore met him again in Bangalore. The CM sanctioned Rupees 40000 loan to her to setup a tailoring business.

The aggrieved father shantappa B koranna narrated to Kumaraswamy how he has been running pillar-to- post to get the compensation sanctioned his son a KPTCL employee was electrocuted while on duty. Stating that it was a serious issue Kumaraswamy asked law minister Basavaraj B Horatti to followup with KPTCL officials and get the compensation sanctioned.

Nagamani from kariyana katte village in chamrajnagar taluk was thrilled when Kumaraswamy told her that a government order regarding her employment in Revenue Department would be issued. Nagamani who had applied for a job on compassionate grounds has been pursuing the application for past three years following the dismiss of her father from service in the Revenue Department the government decided to give the job to her brother. But even before the order was received nagamani’s brother was stuck by brain haemorrage following this she approached the government seeking the job but the authorities said that she was not eiligble later she started knocking the door in the pervious Janata darshana she was assured of job by CM.

The crowd and the CM were amused at the friendly approach of a 10 year old boy sukesh from saliqrama. Sukesh who was successful in getting some assistance from the CM during Janatadarshana program at udupi, again approached the CM seeking help for setting up business. When Mr. Kumaraswamy asked him whether he could give him 3000 sukesh straight away told him the amount was not enough then the boy asked for rupees 10,000 .the CM smilingly conceded the demand. Before he left the place Sukesh told ChiefMinister “Barla”.

Earlier following the compliants from a group of women from Lavanya Slum under Bharathi nagar Police station limits that some Rowdy elements were threatening them. the ChiefMinister directed additional commissioner Gopal B Hosur to arrest the culprits.The Rowdy elements allegedly burnt down a large number of huts in this locality. Kumaraswamy also asked the residents to comeback and meet him if the action is not taken.



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