HDK Vision

Kumaraswamy speaks of an ambitious transformation for Bangalore.

An outlay of 1,75,000 crores for transformation of Bangalore over a period of 5 years.

·         Bangalore is very important not only for Karnataka but for India also. I understand that it is extremely critical for us to ensure that we sustain Bangalore. All of us take immense pride in how Bangalore has changed the perception of how the world looks at India now. It is a SMART city and whenever I travel and meet people and tell me that I am from Bangalore, they treat me with respect and I am sure that all Bangaloreans must have experienced this. All of us aware that now a days foreign heads of state always make it a point to visit Bangalore.  The credit for this goes to the people in Bangalore who have worked very hard to get us to this level.

·         Also from the revenue perspective, the bulk of revenue for our state gets generated from Bangalore

·         It is very important that we work towards transforming Bangalore into a SMART and FUTURISTIC city – a city that provides a good quality of life to its citizens and is environmentally sound and carbon efficient.

·         We need to rebuild to be yet again a modern and contemporary city of the future while retaining our culture.

·         Tree cover in Bangalore to be doubled in the next 5 years.  We should grow more trees in all of the parks,  Trees should also be planted along our Ring Roads

·         Fresh lease of life to all lakes – Bangaloreans face water shortage and it is very important that we preserve all the lakes and also ensure that we build more lakes. Only these will save us in the

future. Also we will fight to get more water for Bangalore from the Cauvery Tribunal.

·         Infrastructure needs a total revamp.

o   4 new state of the art extension hubs around Bangalore to decongest Bengaluru, These will be planned with a 40 year vision. These extensions will be fully self sufficient with mixed-use developments and encourages live-work-play communities along with developing 5 more satellite cities

o   All Ring Roads to be signal Free.

o   IT industry has contributed significantly to our progress and has given Bangalore this image. We will support IT industry to the fullest extent.

Signal Free corridors till WhiteField and beyond

Signal  Free corridors till Electronic City and beyond

o   We will also work with Union Government to ensure that we have more consulates in Bangalore and also the Bangalore airport provides Visa on Arrival facility to business travelers.

o   In short term, the immediate bottlenecks (KR Puram, Silk Board / Nimhans / Bannerghatta Road / BTM Road / Majestic / KR Circle / Hudson Circle) will be taken up on priority. These roads cannot take any more traffic and we are already choking. These roads and junctions will be made signal free –  We propose to construct either tunnels or long distance flyovers

One that connects from KR circle to the electronic city flyover

4 lane Tunnels or elevated roads / Signal free corridors N /S and E / W running across the city center connecting to the ring roads

All approaches to the city will be signal free and these will be widened.

·         Corridor  connecting Vidhan Soudha -> Majestic -> Yeshwanthpur

·         Corridor  connecting MG Road –  Old Madras Road – KR Puram

·         Corridor connecting Sirsi Circle – Kengeri,

o   Also more focus on Intelligent Traffic Systems. These will be real time systems that analyze the traffic and control the traffic. We will partner with IBM or other vendors and use their expertise to get this to work efficiently

o   Expedite the next phases of metro to provide connectivity our industrial hubs [ Whitefield / Electronic City / Bidadi]

·         Complete Revamp of the utilities with comprehensive underground Tunnels that houses telecommunication and utilities networks with emergency backup services and the capacity for expansion to meet the increasing demand.

o   This will ensure that we never dig up our roads again – I have also seen technologies where we can lay pipes without digging up roads

·         Industry Leaders and citizens will be part of all these planning activities and they will be involved in monitoring these projects.

·         Upgrade the police infrastructure in Bangalore

·         Bangalore will be a women friendly city

·         Skywalks in congested areas like majestic, kr circle,corporation, mysore bank, connecting each other

·         10 corporation wards to be brought to international standards in 3 years

·         Cycling tracks around Metro stations and also under flyovers and the metro track.

·         Elevated Roads on our storm water drains – This can be used by our autos / 2 wheelers and this we think will improve connectivity in congested areas.

·         Aggressive usage of magic box technology (which is cheaper) to remove signals in places where we have difficulty in road widening.

·         Become more equitable – 5 times increase in support to all govt schools in all corporation wards, govt hospital infrastructure to be fully revamped

·         Provide affordable Housing to low income people – We have a significant number of people in Bangalore who need access to better facilities , We will provide them with housing, skills to get employed, provide them with training and also improve the medical facilities provided to them.

·         Garbage – Segregation of waste at Source – Locations identified in each of the 194 wards in Bangalore where waste will be segregated. The organic waste can be composted to make manure. This will also reduce the amount of waste that would go to the Landfills, save transportation costs. We will work with the citizens to make this initiative successful. The whole process will be streamlined.This is a problem that can be solved easily, I am extremely frustrated at the way this government has failed on this front

·         The tourism potential of Bangalore – Mysore – Coorg – Ooty corridor will be exploited further. We will have 8 lane road connecting Bangalore with these places.

I will also set up Separate secretariat for Bangalore  – It is very important that all plans are executed efficiently and we will have a separate team for Bangalore.

I understand that it is very critical that we act now otherwise we will lose ground and we might become like Detroit or other cities that could not sustain and adapt quickly.

Also on Akrama – Sakrama – I will ensure that ordinary citizens are not troubled unncessarily, A quick and people oriented decision will be taken. Governments are there for helping people and government should not harass people

I also will improve the pay provided to our government employees – It is very important that they also stay motivated

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