Welcome to Janata Dal (Secular) Official Website
Welcome to Janata Dal (Secular) Official Website

MP MLA BBMP Election

One thought on “MP MLA BBMP Election

  1. I was an ardent follower of JANATHA PARTY,when it was formed during 1977,by merging CONGRESS(O),B.L.D.,JANSANGH,SOCIALIST PARTY,CONGRESS FOR DEMOCRACY&FORMER SOCIALISTS,who were in CONGRESS(I) and fell out with INDIRA GANDHI.Previously,I was a follower of CONGRESS(O).I was very much upset,when the JANATA PARTY broke out&after some time,when the JANATA DAL broke out.
    I think, it is high time,to merge JANATADAL(SECULAR)&JANATADAL(UNITED),
    as the JANATADAL(UNITED)has broken its ties with the B.J.P.
    By the merger of these two parties,a strong JANATADAL can be formed to contest the ensuing PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS.I am humbly requesting Shri.DEVAGOWDAJI,to take initiate immediate steps to merge these parties,to form a STRONG,VIABLE,FARMERS-CENTRIC JANATADAL,to contest the ensuing GENERAL ELECTIONS.

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