Naveen & Jitendra

Karnataka needs statesmen today, leaders who have displayed visionary leadership in the past and
can exert it further to move our great state from the current state of affairs that we are in. There is a
desperate need for all of us to act [vote] now to elect such leaders.

We also recognize the need to save our democracy system so that we focus on the whole society and
restore our citizen’s faith in democracy. We need a leader who will serve the people and fulfill their
needs and gain their trusts back.

Below we have explained as to how and why JDs is the right choice for our state at this moment. We will
take you through a very brief journey explaining how our leaders in the past have provided extremely
strong and fair governance and how we have made a difference in the past. Our past exploits provide us
a very strong platform for us to put all of us back on the track to progress, good governance and on to a
system where your every voice is heard and away from the current sorry state of affairs.

Shri H.D. Kumarswamy our president was the Chief Minister of State from 2006 to 2008. He was the
youngest Chief Minister of our state and he brought in fresh ideas for development, governance.
His path breaking ideas, schemes and his visionary leadership were quickly recognized and he
became extremely popular in a very short period of time. Our schemes and programs touched almost
everyone and we reached out to all the citizens. His effective governance and focus on improving the
infrastructure in Bangalore ensured that Bangalore’s glory as one of the top IT clusters of the world
remained unblemished.

A few key projects in Bangalore are mentioned here – These explain what we can still achieve in the

  • Started the Elevated Highway between Silk Board and Electronic City
    • Mr. Kumarswamy recognized the needs of the Industry, listened to our industry leaders, supported and sanctioned this project. This was one of the largest infrastructure
      projects in India. This reduced the commute time on this stretch to 10 mins from the earlier 45 minutes to 1 hour
  • Initiated the Signal free express way between Bangalore City and the Bangalore International
    • We all remember how this feat was achieved in a record time, It was nothing short of a miracle considering how we used to run our infrastructure projects, Kumarswamy showed exemplary leadership skills in recognized the new ideas proposed by dynamic bureaucrats and provided sanction to the new technologies (magic box), etc
  • Initiation of the Elevated Highway from Yeshwanthpur to Nelamangala.
    • This has reduced the travel time from the earlier 1 hour to 2O minutes. This is a boon for traffic from North, Mumbai and other places. Kumaraswamy took this up on priority with our Union Ministry and expedited this.
  • Over 90 roads widened within 6 months About 1000 Volvo buses brought in 200 CCTV installed to automate the traffic signals. This was the initial seed for our traffic department to go in for technology Flyovers at
    • HAL- Domlur -> Opened
    • Dairy Circle -> Opened
    • Underpass at Ramamurthy Nagar completed
    • Flyover on the Magadi ring road
  • Expedited Bangalore Metro with a budget allocation of Rs. 6000 crores.
  • Worked with the Union Government and got over 2600 crores sanctioned for the development of transport infrastructure system in Bangalore.
  • Sanctioned the CDP plan. This was the single most important factor in the formation of BBMP and the tremendous benefit and revenue that the government was able to generate. It was the first step towards an attempt to make Bangalore a world class city. This led to significant employment opportunities in Bangalore
  • Sanctioned 1800 crores for an elevated inner core ring road – This showed our vision in trying to decongest Bangalore
  • Towards de-congesting our Bangalore, 5 new townships were proposed
    • Looking at Bangalore today, we definitely need these fast.
  • Drinking water: Rs. 4084 crores were sanctioned for Cauvery 4th Stage.
  • Implemented Shri A T Ramaswamy report on illegal land grabbing and recovered 13,500 acres of land
    • Out of this about 7000 acres were given to the BDA to develop housing for the weaker
  • Efforts made to improve the efficiency of power distribution-> Central government had
    acknowledged our efforts that resulted in cutting down 2% wastage in power distribution.
  • 500 crores spent on the Vrushaba canal to cope with the increase in Bangalore’s population
  • Towards reducing the congestion in Bangalore innovative ideas like building roads on our storm
    water drains were planned and one such initiative was sanctioned

    • This would reduce congestion, would not result in acquiring properties for road widening, The storm water drains cover about 300 KMs in our city.
  • Promoted IT Parks in second tier cities like Mangalore, Mysore and Belguam

It should also be noted that software and hardware exports grew exponentially during this period – A
national record with 37,000 crores of software exports.

These (only a few have been mentioned above- please look at the video gallery for a more comprehensive list) we think have a played a very crucial role in coping with Bangalore’s growth, we now recognize that we need to do more to improve the quality of life in Bangalore for all its citizens.

JDs is a party that will take quick, hard decisions that have a long term vision. We have the leadership that can take Bangalore and Karnataka to greater heights. JDs has done voluminous quality work for the development of Bangalore. It has not wasted public money on advertisements or hoardings.

JDs for the past 5 years has been trying to protect our State by working as a bold opposition party. It has
never shied away from performing it’s duties in protecting interests of our people. We have exposed all
of the scams, – mining scams, land scams, denotification scams, BBMP, BDA scams, etc.

It is now time for us to choose a regional party with a dynamic leader who will protect our interests.
As we look at our national scenario, it is increasing becoming evident that we need a Regional party to
protect our interests better.

We have worked for the upliftment of both our farmers as well as our urban citizens

It is also very important that we have a strong regional party in power in our state. If you look at the
trend across the country, people have realized that only regional parties can better protect the state’s
interests. Karnataka’s interests have been badly comprised due to coalition compulsions at the center
repeatedly and all the time.

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